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Langley Wholesale, Kanes Distribution, and Distribution QM work together to offer


From coast to coast for all your vending needs, for all your Canadian team of vending equipment distributors are here to help you. Whether you're a vending operator with a route that needs to expand or you're a school, office, or workplace that just needs a machine or two, we have the automated merchandising solution to fit your needs.



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New equipment as the official distributors for multiple North American vending equipment manufacturers

Used, inspected, and refurbished vending equipment with our 90 day warranty

Cashless credit card and debit card payment systems to increase both sales and convenience

Micro markets for larger lunchrooms, fresh food, and happy employees

Industrial vending and automated locker solutions for PPE, safety gear, heavy equipment, office supplies, and more

Healthy vending machines designed to distribute fresher food and nutritious snacks and drinks

Parts replacements and service calls to help you out of a bind


If you need an automated merchandising solution, we're here to help, Canada-wide and on your side.

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